The history of our digital web agency

My name is Jeremia. I am the founder and CEO of NEWAKEY.

Here, I will tell you why and how NEWAKEY was founded? And above all, what is its objective.

I come from a modest and orphaned family. However, during my youth, I was shown the meaning of life, love and work. I received a lot of help that I don’t think I deserved.

In the beginning (precisely in college), I wanted to be a child psychologist (oh yes!) so that I could help children with psychological and psychic problems. Because I am convinced that our relief comes from them. And also, there is a lack of basic education in Madagascar. So, my goal is to start a non-profit center.

But unfortunately, there were only two universities in my country that have a psychology program. One of them is so expensive that we don’t have the budget to pay for it. So I had to apply to the other university. However, there were only three of us registered for the course and the head of the institution had to cancel it.

As a result, I studied online and did my own research. However, I must admit that I am not a person who likes theory and I was looking forward to doing an internship. That is why I volunteered at an orphanage to put into practice what I learned and especially to be able to help the children.

Jeremia Founder NEWAKEY

In addition to volunteering at the orphanage, I accompanied children in my locality, ensuring their development and growth.

Over time, I had the opportunity to work in a start-up company. At first, I was a community manager and versatile assistant, but I quickly evolved and became a manager. And that was where I found my passion in the digital and architecture domain, and at the same time, I worked and studied (you know what? That’s really what I want, I learn, and then I practice it).

On the other hand, I never gave up my goal to help children in need and to found a shelter. Therefore, I also help to support families and children in need at the same time. I think I should do it right away and not have to wait for an institution, legal documents and being a billionaire to start it.

So NEWAKEY was founded to be able to help children and families in need and also to invest and create the shelter. In addition to that, we also help young people and entrepreneurs Malagasy through our free trainings on digital marketing.


Key To Our Relief

By working with us, you are already doing your part to support these people today and in the future, because we always put a part of our sales revenue for these families. And on top of that, we are your partner to make your business shine and stand out from your competitors.

Key To Your Business

We are already proud to collaborate with those who have already worked with us and also, we already thank you, our dear future collaborator!


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