Why use advertising on social networks?

In order to reach a new target audience, advertising on social networks is a must for all those who want to promote and enhance their product or service. Social networks are today a tool of first necessity of the marketing strategy. Moreover, we can say that social networks are omnipresent in the lives of its users.

What is advertising on social networks?

Advertising on social networks brings together 2 terms: “advertising” and “social networks”. These 2 terms together have a pretty deep meaning. It is the best way to reach a target audience. Social media advertising is another marketing strategy. It aims to create, engage a community, get new customers, thus, increasing traffic to your website.

What are the challenges of advertising on social networks?

Advertising on networks allows a company to :

  • Stand out;
  • Highlight your qualities and stand out from the competition;
  • Target your audience precisely.

To put it simply, running an advertising campaign on social media is based on 3 types of objectives, which are:

  • Increase the visibility of an information or a product
  • Generate more traffic to your company’s website
  • The audience can be converted into an Internet user

What are the advantages of advertising on social networks?

Firstly, advertising on social networks is the ideal marketing strategy to ensure visibility and awareness among a potential customer. It allows you to directly reach a target audience. In addition, this variety of advertising is very broad. Being flexible and easily accessible, it can be adapted to any service business. In short, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Apart from these advantages already mentioned, here is a non-exhaustive list of the benefits that can be gained from advertising on social networks:

Which social network to choose for advertising?

For a B2C business

Image facebook

It is the most popular with a wide range of users. On Facebook, you can make 5 types of ads like video, photo, carousel, slideshow and story ads;

Icone Instagram

Instagram also stands out for its story ads; young, highly influential users

Image snapchat

On average, 60% of the audience reached by Snapchat ads are women around 25 years old;

Image Tiktok

It promotes increased traffic through interactive and original visual content

Image Youtube

Its main purpose is to get leads;

For a B2B business

Image Linkedin

It is rather intended for professionals, it helps your company to recruit by textual or visual announcements. InMail is the messaging tool used by its users;

Image Twitter

You can create ads either through Twitter's sponsorship mode or through Twitter's advertising campaigns;

How to advertise on social networks?

  • It is imperative to know your target audience well while setting your goals concretely, because otherwise, it would be difficult to achieve your goals. Your goals are also a main line that directs your content strategy. That said, when creating your audience, it is worth noting that each network contributes different targeting options. In fact, targeting is all about making the most of your marketing budgets and showing the community relevant content.
  • Improve the quality of your content: “Revelancy score” is a tool that allows you to evaluate the quality and relevance of your content, and thus of your ad.
  • The ultimate secret to good social media advertising is to play on the feelings of your audience and make a Call-To-Action.

Advertising service on social networks

Offload your advertising campaigns and delegate them to specialists. You can be sure that you will stand out from your competitors by increasing your company’s visibility. Our social media advertising agency NEWAKEY develops a powerful and customized strategy. Contact us now!



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