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Do you want to make sales or offer more services , but your company’s website does not appear in the search engine results? Opt for natural referencing. It offers you several advantages, but there are some practices to put in place. Read to the end to discover them!

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your website through the use of keywords and other techniques. The goal is to improve the ranking of your company’s website in search engine results, especially Google. And all this is done for free, without paying for advertising. Moreover, unlike paid search engine optimization, organic search engine optimization allows for long-term visibility.

Best practices of referenced websites

These practices allow you to be relevant in the eyes of Google and to obtain a high ranking in the search engine results:

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Why is SEO essential to the success of your business?

Here is how Google works: it uses robots that browse millions of pages on the Web. Then, depending on the configuration of the websites, the robots classify the pages browsed. Then Google explores, indexes and interprets the content of the pages of all the websites. And when a user enters a query, the most relevant results are presented according to Google’s algorithm. If a site has been optimized for organic search using good SEO practices, then the pages will appear in the top search results.

The benefits of SEO for your business

  • It provides long-term benefits;
  • It is the main source of traffic for your website: organic search is considered the first source of traffic to a website. A good SEO strategy and a quality website, with relevant content, are elements that contribute closely to the success of a brand;
  • It promotes the visibility and positioning of your site on search engines: if your website does not appear on the first page of results, you will not have a good score and performance;
  • It is one of the main sources of conversion of your website: organic traffic plays an important role in the performance of a website;
  • The results are quantifiable: such as conversion rate, number of organic users, number of contacts, number of online purchases, etc. ;
  • It builds trust and credibility for your site.

SEO Services

When you say increase your visibility on the web, you mean increase your traffic, then your visitors will also increase, they will become prospects, then customers, and finally, these customers will increase your turnover! At NEWAKEY, we have a multidisciplinary team in place to ensure this goal. Do you also want to have a better follow-up? Call on our digital agency NEWAKEY. We will work to improve your SEO performance. Trust us, we will not disappoint you!



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