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Does your company need a boost to improve its communication with foreign customers? You have come to the right place! Our professional translation service will help you translate all types of high-quality documents. We specialize in French > English translation and vice versa. Stay until the end of this article to learn more about our professional translation service.

What are our translation services?


  • Use of specific and precise vocabulary;
  • Aimed at a specific audience;
  • The translator must have solid prerequisites, he must be up-to-date on the latest news in his field



Instructions for use, manuals, expert reports, procedures, diagrams, etc.


  • It helps keep the ever-changing technology industry at the top of a company;
  • The purpose of the technological translation service is to maintain the competitiveness of an organization in international markets;
  • It ensures that new customers discover their services and products while connecting with their own culture


  • It includes translations related to all pharmaceutical, medical and life science specialties;
  • The medical sector is the most customer-oriented sector;
  • It requires a higher quality;
  • It also uses very specific medical terminology


Records, medical records, clinical trials, test results, scientific research, etc.


  • Quality translation required;
  • The financial translator must be assiduous in the evolution of market terminology;
  • Financial translation is one of the most sought-after skills on the market
  • For a reliable translation of your accounting and financial documents, etc;
  • To develop your business internationally with foreign customers and investors;
  • This is a demanding expertise, especially if you generate part of your turnover abroad.


Income statements, management report, financial income, etc.


  • Its purpose is to send the same message as the original text to the reader; 
  • It must make the reader feel the same upheaval that the original text intended to convey;
  • The reader must identify with the text itself, its context and its characters

Marketing and advertising translation

  • It allows your potential customers to have a first idea of your company in the target market;
  • The marketing and advertising translator must be able to adapt the original text to the potential client. But first he must understand the target market;
  • As an advertisement, the types of texts must be creative, sometimes using colloquial and metaphorical language


TV ads, brochures, flyers, press releases, announcements, social media ads, etc.

Fashion and beauty

  • Translation of contracts with suppliers, marketplaces or brands; 
  • Translation of content on social networks;
  • e-shop translation, tips and tricks

Examples: posters, press releases, fashion catalogues, magazines, lookbooks

What are the advantages of using a professional translation agency?

  • A professional translation agency encompasses a wide range of skills, as it has many translators, each with their own speciality;
  • She will manage your translation project 100%: from proofreading to layout and final editing;
  • The professional translation agency is versatile and will take care of all your needs, instead of using other service providers for other tasks, such as quality control, proofreading, etc;
  • Handing over the translation of your documents to an agency means putting your trust in professionals and experts who will ensure the quality of the translation; 
  • Using a translation agency saves you time, because it respects your deadlines;
  • You will benefit from the support of a project manager who will better understand your long-term needs;

Why choose our translation agency?

Our agency NEWAKEY has a team of experts who will take care of the translation of your documents. You can entrust us with the translation of all types of projects. We specialize in English-French and French-English translation. Just tell us the type of document you need translated and our professionals will be happy to adapt your translation to your projects.



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