What is SEA or paid search?

For any business, being visible is a very real issue. How do you ensure that your customers can find you easily on search engines? How about if your advertisements get to the people when they search for a service or product similar to yours? You can do this with Google Ads‘ SEA or paid search.

What is paid search?

Web marketing is essential to increase the notoriety and visibility of a site. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is the starting point of a good and efficient digital marketing strategy, because it is one of the best ways to position yourself quickly, in real time, on the targeted keywords, and to generate traffic

In order to ensure the visibility of a website, it is necessary to ensure a better strategy such as SEA or Search Engine Advertising. Being a system of advertisements, the SEA is based on targeted but paying services in order to appear in good position on the network of an advertising agency. It is also called sponsored links. The cost per click of paid referencing in social media like Facebook is much lower than via the Google Ads campaign system.

The paid referencing then consists in the purchase of keywords by auction. When a user performs a search with the purchased keywords, the ad is displayed in the areas selected by the advertiser. But, the position of the ad will still be determined according to the bids made by the competition and its quality.

Why use ATS?

By doing advertising campaigns with the SEA, here are the results obtained:

Image moteur de recherche

What are the benefits of SEA

image SEA
  • SEA allows you to obtain immediate results, such as the acquisition of traffic on a website. Even so, if you want qualified traffic, the configuration of advertising campaigns should be done properly before they are launched;
  • SEA is quite flexible, as it allows you to decrease or increase the advertising budget depending on the seasonality of sales;
  • It allows to have precise and detailed statistics to see which ads are the most performing and thus optimize its ROI;

By making referencing campaigns with Google Adwords:

  • You have the possibility to test the conversion rate of your website;
  • Target your audience effectively with a host of tools available and also to create a profitable campaign;
  • Part of the optimization is done automatically by the announcement system;
  • You can learn about your visitors’ information and statistics;
  • You can control when your campaigns are active;

How to set up the SEA?

To get the best return on investment, a SEA campaign requires a solid marketing strategy:

To define your digital strategy and thus your objectives, you can use online tools like the SWOT. 

On the Google Ads paid search service, there are two types of objectives: 

  • Generate more online sales;
  • Increase the attractiveness of your institution

All this while taking into account the specific aspects of your organization.

To do this, it is important to understand the behavior of customers in your market.

  • Competitive intelligence on the target market
  • Spreading out keyword purchases
  • Avoid expensive keywords by investing in a long tail
  • Define negative keywords
There are software and tools such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs or Screaming Frog Spider to be able to follow your SEA strategy.

Paid referencing agency

It is necessary to call upon experts in AdWords advertising campaigns, depending on the nature of your activity and the market you are targeting. Our specialists at NEWAKEY are at your disposal to boost your site’s positioning on the search engine results pages. For more information, contact us.



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