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For a business, web content writing is one of the best SEO marketing strategies to increase the number of visitors to a website and thus increase potential customers. How does it work? Stick around until the end! You’ll find out for yourself.

What is content creation?

Content creation is a type of strategy that involves producing content, such as:

Image texte
A text
Image Illustration
An illustration
Image Video
Image enregistrement audio
An audio recording

It is also a marketing strategy. It is then called “content marketing” which refers to the promotion, highlighting and advertising of content. While content creation refers to its production only and aims to attract new customers.

As a method of generating traffic, content creation allows you to assert your expertise, have a visible activity online, take care of your reputation and perpetuate your brand image. 

It starts with finding topics that will appeal to your target audience. Then, plan, create and publish content on those topics. The type of content varies depending on the business of the website. Similarly, content creation comes in different formats and forms. Here are some examples:

Why is copywriting important in web?

First, it is essential to understand that web copywriting is one of the 3 pillars of SEO. We will give you some good reasons why content is important in web.

  • It speaks to your expertise, your leadership, and your credibility in your field;
  • Web copywriting allows visitors to your site to get a first impression of your company and the products and services you offer;
  • It reflects the image of your company;
  • Quality content helps you generate leads and sell your products and services to potential customers;
  • Also, the quality of content has an influence on the size of the target audience you could reach while improving your ranking on search results;
  • Web writing encourages people to go and see your products;
  • It contributes to the loyalty of your customers by making sure to keep their attention

What are the rules of SEO writing?

To write web content, knowing how to write is not enough. In order to have a better ranking in search engine results, here are some practices to adopt:

  1. It is important to know your typical customers;
  2. Know how to play on emotion;
  3. Use the active voice, as it is clear, direct and persuasive;
  4. Avoid paragraphs that are too long: 4 sentences maximum;
  5. Opt for a catchy title;
  6. Make the text pleasant to read by using the right keywords in the right places;
  7. Use optimized subtitles;
  8. Choose a visually interesting font;
  9. Encourage the use of bold and italics;
  10. Use bulleted lists to keep the text clear;
  11. Use semantic fields and synonyms;
  12.  Do not neglect the technical elements: meta-title, meta-description, tags and URL;
  13. Put images for a more attractive content;
  14. Give answers, solve a specific problem;
  15. Use optimized anchors;
  16. Use SEO tools;
  17. Make a call to action;
  18. Put a FAQ PAGE;
  19. Promote your content with emailing;
  20. Encourage your readers to share your content on social networks;
  21. Avoiding spelling mistakes and plagiarism

Web content writing agency

Entrust the writing of your content to a team of experts! Whether it’s about :

  • Blog post writing;
  • Writing the pages of your website;
  • Writing of product sheets;
  • Putting your content online
  • SEO Optimization

In our NEWAKEY agency, our team of web writers will create quality content that will reflect your brand image and rank higher on search engines. So what are you waiting for?



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