What is a community manager?

Currently, many companies are turning to community management to increase their notoriety.  The use of social networks has become a strategic issue. Therefore, community management is the simple fact of animating the social networks of a company. As a result, many questions arise around community management.

By definition, a community manager is the person responsible for developing and animating the social networks of a company on a daily basis. Also called community animator or social media manager, the community manager has several hats. He is mainly the mediator between a community and the company he works for.

Community manager skills

Some qualities are required by the community manager. He must be a person :

Image Passionné​


Image Réactif​


Image organisé​


Image Rigoureux​


Image écoute

With the ability to listen

Image curieux​


Image diplomate​


Image polyvalent​


Image relationnel​​​

With good interpersonal skills

Image Etat Positif

Share a positive mindset

In addition, the skills required by a community manager are:

• Creativity
• Open-mindedness
• Analytical skills
• Crisis management
• The editorial staff
• Social networks

What is the role of a community manager?

  • Create content: according to a pre-established editorial calendar
  • Animate and manage online communities 
  • Publish videos: they are the form of media that easily captures the attention of your audience
  • Moderation of accounts on social media platforms: for this, he must implement a communication strategy;
  • Organizing online contests to engage and grow your community and build audience loyalty;
  • Competitive intelligence;
  • The brand’s e-reputation;
  • Reporting on actions taken
   Right arrow  In short, the community manager promotes a dialogue between the community and a structure.

What does the community manager bring to your company?

Benefits of having a community manager

Having a community manager in your company allows it to: 

  • To gain visibility
  • To monitor its e-reputation and image
  • To confirm its credibility and legitimacy

The objectives of having a community manager

After the advantages, let’s see the objectives of working with a community manager:

  • The communication objective;
  • The marketing objective: acquisition of new customers, increase in sales, customer loyalty, social selling;
  • The broadcasting objective: to broadcast information for a product launch on social networks;
  • The business objective: generate leads and increase traffic to your website
  • Provide customer service via social networks;
  • Boost of the content strategy thanks to publications on social networks

Why should companies be on social networks?

Here are 5 good reasons why a company should be present on social networks:

Maintain the relationship in order to humanize the customer relationship, to be in direct link with the customer

Increase your visibility and reach your potential customers

Improve products and services

Highlight your expertise

Improve your referencing

Image réseaux sociaux

Community management services

Entrust the management of your social networks to our communication and digital marketing agency NEWAKEY. Our community management experts will be happy to listen to your needs. Also, it would save you time.



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