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How to create a Google Ads Performance Max campaign?

In order to make it easy for Google Ads users to reach their customers, Google has recently introduced a new campaign. Google’s Performance Max guarantees your visibility and increased conversion rate. According to Google, it’s a new way to buy Google Ads on YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps from a single campaign. Want to know more? Read on!

What are Google Ads Performance Max campaigns?

As its name suggests, Performance Max is a Google Ads campaign. It aims to make it easier for advertisers to access the entire Google Ads inventory from a single campaign. To help users increase their conversion rate on Google’s channels, Performance Max enriches the keywords of the search networks. It does this by leveraging your conversion goals using smart bidding strategies to optimize performance in real time across all channels. Performance Max campaigns have the same objectives as Responsive Ads.

Performance Max is also a fairly comprehensive automation of Google’s ad campaigns. In fact, Performance Max campaigns introduce Google’s best automation technologies such as audiences, budget optimization, attribution, bidding, creatives, target audience, etc. This accelerates campaign performance. All you have to do is provide basic information such as text, call-to-actions, images, etc. Then, smart bids are triggered based on the goals of each channel or device.

What are the benefits of Performance Max campaigns?

  • You can leverage Google’s real-time understanding of user intent, behavior and context to identify new customers by serving more relevant ads in a more timely manner. You can then follow them through their buying journey with the full range of Google Ads features; 
  • With Google’s machine learning and attribution technology, you can optimize your budgets and bids across all channels so that you can capture new conversion opportunities in real time and increase your conversions;
  • With audience signals and value rules, you have the ability to optimize campaign performance;
  • To help you understand the automation process and also how you can improve your campaigns, you have the complete Insights;
  • Deliver high-quality creative assets through automation, and share your expertise with the audience most likely to generate conversions.

In short, with automation, it’s much easier to launch campaigns, as they are delivered across all of Google’s networks (YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, Map).

How to set up a Google Ads Performance Max campaign?

In order for you to promote your services or products, below are the key steps to creating a Google Ads Performance Max campaign, whether you have a Merchant Center feed or a store visit goal.

Create a new campaign

In your Google Ads account, 

  • In the section on the left, select Campaigns ;
  • Click on the + button and select a New Campaign;
  • A list of goals is displayed. These goals are pre-filled by default. However, you can modify them by deleting or adding other goals;
  • Name your campaign after choosing its type;
  • Click on Continue.

Once step 1 is complete, your Performance Max campaigns are set up.

Let’s move on to step 2!


🖝 Budget and auctions

  • First, you need to go to the “Budget and Bids” section. The goal here is to define the average budget you want to spend each day on your campaign
  • You are also asked to define your bidding strategy. You have 2 possibilities. Either, you optimize :
  • Select Next, then continue with the Campaign Settings.

🖝 Campaign parameters

  • In the Campaign Settings section, under Geographic Areas, choose your target area;
  • In Languages, set the language in which your ad will be broadcast;
  • Go to More Settings to set :

🖝 Asset group configuration

  • By going to the Asset Group page, give it a name; 
  • Then, add things to help Google get a better level of efficiency with the ads. Be sure to share as much information as possible with Google to make machine learning more effective.

Here are some examples of assets: 

  • Image; 
  • Logo; 
  • Video; 
  • Title; 
  • Long title ;
  • Description; 
  • Call-To-Action; 
  • URL;  
  • And so on.

Some practices to adopt: 

  • Attach at least 5 images, preferably in square or rectangular format; 
  • Add a video; 
  • Be sure to fill in the Titles, Long Titles and Descriptions fields; 
  • In order for Google to crawl your site, fill in your destination URL from the beginning; 
  • Click More Options and fill in the URL field.

🖝 Audience signal

It matches the keywords from the Search campaign and the audiences from the Display campaign. It is used to add audience suggestions that help Google Ads automation to optimize the selected goals. 

A signal includes: 

  • Customized segments; 
  • Your data segments.

So it’s up to you to provide as much detail as possible to make Google’s job easier and faster for the right people

To do this, enter New Hearing and fill in the 4 sections: 

  • Custom Segments ; 
  • Data; 
  • Interests and detailed demographics ; 
  • Demographics

🖝 Extensions

Adding extensions to your ads allows you to expand them and encourage users to view them. With the Google Ads Performance Max campaign, it is possible to:

  • Fill in the attached links; 
  • Site excerpts; 
  • Hangers

You also have at your disposal : 

  • Call extensions; 
  • From prices ; 
  • Promotion;
  • From form.

You can now launch your campaign!

How do you analyze the performance of this campaign?

To analyze the performance of the Google Ads Performance Max campaign, you’ll need to run it for at least six weeks to get enough data to compare results. For best performance analysis, you should do a comparison before and after adding the Performance Max campaign. Check to see if your beta campaign is exceeding your overall account goal.

In addition, the performance of the elements provided can be assessed through a performance indicator, which indicates whether the quality of the integrated elements is “poor”, “average” or “good”.

With our Google Ads and SEA expert, we can help you analyze the performance of your campaign to advise you and get a great return on investment.

Need help managing Google Ads?

Our experience in creating and managing campaigns allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of paid search on Google over a long period of time. If you want to take a new step in your business with Google Ads, contact NEWAKEY now and discover our different paid search solutions.

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