How long does an SEO service last?

SEO is the set of strategies that allow your site to be positioned in the results of search engines. The goal is to appear on the first page. But don’t worry, this is the mission of an SEO consultant. So, how does the service of an SEO consultant? What is the duration of this service? This article aims to answer all these questions. So read on.

What is an SEO service?

An SEO service is a service provided by an SEO consultant that can greatly help your website get more traffic. To this end, the consultant will provide a range of services specifically tailored to your site and your goals. 

 An SEO service requires working with an SEO expert in order to get a better result. Thereupon, a quote must be created and signed to proceed with the initiation of the collaboration. Once the need is identified and the clause of a contract is agreed upon, the chosen work can begin.

What kind of services can an SEO consultant offer you?

SEO providers can offer a variety of services, depending on the situation.

Local SEO

To be found by your target audience, you need to work on local SEO. Local SEOs are important for almost every business because they are geographically localized. Internet users in the vicinity can find your business more easily. If geolocation is important for your business unit, Google My Business optimization should be included in your specifications. Moreover, it is more and more important to control the demand of the brand as much as possible. Local SEO is a powerful tool for visibility on the web that requires working with an SEO consultant.

Competitive analysis

The SEO competitor analysis allows you to identify your main competitors on Google, their content strategy and your website profile, and take concrete steps to overcome them. This analysis allows you to see where you stand in the market, but only in the context of your natural reference. Of course, Google competitors are not necessarily direct competitors in the market.

Complete SEO audit and SEO analysis of your website

Each service begins with a full audit of your website. This involves SEO consultants examining your entire website to understand its structure and current level of SEO. An SEO audit is necessary because it can also examine various key aspects of SEO, especially the “three pillars of SEO” (website code, page content and website reputation). In a nutshell, an SEO audit gives you insight into what actions you need to take, what problems exist on your website, and the current state of your website. Keep in mind that conducting an SEO audit is complex and time-consuming. Especially if your website already contains many pages.

Implementation of your company's SEO content strategy

In order to get your audience to know you, you need to share content that is likely to interest them. This is true for SEO for e-commerce websites as well as other websites. With internal linking, you can link your content strategy to groups of topics. Among other things, this strategy allows you to systematically position your site in coveted searches by mutually reinforcing content semantics and providing much more relevant content than your competitors.

Support in optimizing your website's SEO strategy

This service aims to be found by their target audience. It is composed of two services:

  • Monthly SEO coaching: SEO website coaching allows consultants to work on their clients’ SEO strategies by providing appropriate recommendations.

Monthly reporting and position tracking: Regular reports allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented SEO measures and to follow the evolution of your website’s ranking for strategic keywords.

Recommendations for site health and technical SEO

This step is done during a complete website audit. Indeed, you can continuously improve your SEO by taking care of the foundation, which is the technical part of your website. Currently, many criteria related to the health of the website are important in SEO such as page loading time, responsive design (mobile adaptability of the website), overall structure of the website, etc. Also, for your website to be relevant in the eyes of Google, it must be “SEO friendly”.

Study your keywords

To implement this strategy, you need to consider various types of keywords. The most important ones are the keywords that are most interesting for your business, the ones you target to increase traffic and brand awareness. This strategic keyword research allows you to design your entire future SEO strategy. The entire website should be structured according to the keywords.

How much does an SEO service cost?

The price can be fixed according to the service, it can be high or low. Some achievements are presented in “one-shots” and can be easily estimated. Other services are more common, and consultants accompany companies over time. In both cases, the price of SEO services depends on several factors such as: the expertise of the consultants and daily costs, the estimated mission time, the “level” of the site at the start of the project and its visibility, the competition in your industry, the technical aspects of your website and its CMS, the target area of your business. 

By outsourcing your SEO to NEWAKEY, we offer different price packages to meet our clients’ expectations and budget. Our SEO service is available for companies of all sizes. Our daily rates range from 150 euros to over 600 euros per day.

How does SEO work?

When you contact an SEO specialist, you should talk to them as much as possible about your needs and your project. At this stage, the consultant can provide services tailored to your project. During the contract period, the consultant and the client should be in regular communication about the progress of the project and the actions taken. On this, here are three advices to lead your project well.

Pre-appointment and identification of the need

Before proceeding, the needs of the client should be discussed. It is empathy and understanding of the client’s problem that allows SEO consultants to provide an unbiased service.

Suggestions for appropriate SEO actions

Once the needs are identified, a consultant must provide the best service for the situation. In most cases, this step is achieved by a quick preliminary audit of the site.

Drafting of the specifications and signing of the estimate

When the client and the consultant agree on the services to be provided, they both sign the estimate. A consultant can then begin the service by proposing a specification, often resulting from a full site evaluation.

How long does an SEO service last?

According to Sedigitaliser, the rules established by Google state that: 

  • For keyword themes with little competition, we can see improvements in organic rankings and better traffic in just a few weeks;
  • In moderately competitive subjects, the delay can be up to several months;
  • However, the listing period can be extended to one year or more for particularly competitive statements.

What elements vary in time and difficulty of SEO services?

Several factors can make a big difference in the time and difficulty of the service.

Size and structure of the site

A website with many pages or a poorly structured website can complicate the project and the time allocated to the service.

Site health

The complexity of the service can change significantly if the state of your website, the configuration of the CMS you are using or the code requires major changes.

Competition within the field

Your field of activity is an important criterion for assessing the difficulty of your service. Whether you operate in a highly competitive field or, on the contrary, offer disruptive innovations, the complexity of your projects and the services you provide will vary considerably. Also, the current positioning affects the difficulty of performance.


Even if the referencing cannot promise results, the customer fixes an objective which the consultant must help to reach. The achievements and their difficulty are directly related to these objectives.

How to invoice an SEO service?

There are two types of billing for SEO services. It can be invoiced according to the missions and objectives or according to a pricing method.

  • Invoicing according to the missions and the objectives: To invoice an SEO service, you must first take into account the nature of the mission and the objectives to be achieved. Depending on the specialty of the SEO agency, the missions are then numerous and more or less varied, depending on the specialty of the SEO consultant.
  • Invoicing according to a pricing method: it can be invoicing on the basis of a quote, a flat-rate subscription or invoicing by the hour or by the day.

How long will it take for me to get results?

It is generally said that SEO is effective in six to nine months. However, this depends largely on the field of activity. A positioning after 3 and 12 months is quite possible.

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