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What are the most used digital marketing tools?

You want to start your own business, or you are already working in an activity requiring digital marketing knowledge? Don’t panic! 

With an increasingly digitalized world, it is now essential to know the different concepts, but especially the different tools in digital marketing to best meet the needs and expectations of customers, while becoming a leader in its market. 

Here is our selection of the most used tools in digital marketing. 

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics platform is a free tool that allows you to analyze the traffic of a website and the behavior of users on different pages. Google Analytics is one of the most important tools in a marketing strategy. Particularly used by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals, Google’s platform aims to better understand the behavior of different audiences. The goal is to find ways to improve the performance of existing web pages in order to generate more traffic. With its dashboards and its myriad of data not knowing what to do with it, Google Analytics is full of relevant information to optimize its SEO and try to stand out from the competition. Number of unique views, bounce rate, but also by what means visitors arrived on our site (natural referencing or Search Engine Advertising), the platform allows professionals to find all the information necessary to develop their business. 

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most relevant marketing tools as it allows you to easily get your website to the top of Google’s search engine results when people type in keywords that you target yourself. Of course, this visibility comes at a price: you have to invest a budget to create advertising campaigns and buy relevant keywords related to your industry. 

Each search engine has its own advertising target, but since Google concentrates the vast majority of European Internet users’ searches, digital marketing professionals rely on Google Ads to ensure their visibility among their target audiences. The Google Ads platform is therefore a very effective acquisition lever to generate qualified SEO traffic by focusing on strategic keywords specific to your target (i.e. keywords frequently searched by Internet users and, if possible, not very competitive).


SEMrush is one of the most comprehensive SEO tools on the market. This tool is essential to perform an accurate audit and also allows to perform a multitude of other SEO related activities. With this platform, companies can identify their main competitors in terms of organic search in just a few clicks, as well as find the best performing keywords and content type. 

SEMrush provides features to perform comprehensive keyword research and use them to create useful content that is visible to a target audience. Also, companies can track their competitors’ backlinks and find out what link building strategies are working for them, while analyzing the visibility of the website in question. It can also help them perform a complete technical audit to improve the SEO on their page: position tracking, keyword possibilities, backlinks and more. 

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is an SEO tool that analyzes website links to improve the strategy of companies in terms of netlinking. Majestic is one of the tools that build one of the largest “Link Intelligence” databases in the world. This digital platform is inspired by mapping and creating the largest web index available for link intelligence. These various data are very useful for companies with websites that want to both understand and analyze the DNA of the web. Majestic ranks every page and every domain. Since having high quality links is essential for good organic citations, businesses can find many benefits on this platform: analyzing competitors’ links and getting beneficial links for one’s own site. Finally, the first role of Majestic is to rate the reliability and quality of a website. The better a site is rated, the higher it will be on search engines. 

We’ve outlined the tools that every marketer should use. If you want to get better results and give your business a boost, contact our specialists here.

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