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The 21 graphic design trends of 2022

Are you creating communication materials to better present your company’s visual identity? Then be on your guard, because it is now 2022! The world of graphic design is undergoing great changes. For the creation of your supports, you will have to choose the colors, the graphic elements, the forms and especially to define the font. Don’t panic! To fuel your inspiration, let’s take a look at the latest trends in graphic design! 

Before you start, find out why design is important for a business!

What is a trend in a graph?

In a graph, a trend is sort of a proof that your brand is up-to-date on the news. Following a trend shows that your company is making progress. If you want to follow the trend, still choose a graph that best suits your brand and branding

Following the graphic trends offers the possibility to stay attractive, to attract attention, and thus to gain efficiency and visibility.

What are the trends in graphic design in 2022?

Let’s not wait any longer, here are the trends of the year.

The psychedelism of the 60s

Psychedelia is an unalterable fashion that has completely turned the design world upside down. It is an exceptional art form that comes back to the scene every time a new counterculture emerges. With psychedelia, graphic designers take us into a world of acidic shock with surprising colors. 

Psychedelic graphic design reflects a desire for freedom. It can be found in almost all types of graphic design such as animation graphics, typography design, websites, etc. 

Back to the 90s

The graphic design of the 90’s is back in force, after its huge success.  It is characterized by:

  • Asymmetrical shapes representing Memphis design influences; 
  • Simple emojis; 
  • Bright and bold color-blocks.

Nostalgia for the 2000s

When we talk about the 2000s, we immediately remember CDs and the development of the internet. In 2022, these are resurfacing in graphic design with neon colors, simplified web interfaces, holographic CD textures, etc. This design is mostly used by small brands.

Parametric patterns

A parametric pattern is a pattern based on the graphs of parametric equations. This results in fluid patterns that can give a kind of movement in addition to the possibility of three-dimensional creation.

Towards a more inclusive graphic design

In terms of graphic design, inclusion aims to highlight different cultures, beliefs and skin colors. Indeed, through their designs, graphic designers want to describe the diversification in the world, using colorful and positive images and especially archival images.


To contribute to sustainable development, some companies are doing their part by focusing their brand strategy on more ecological designs. Especially since the environment is a major issue in the world today.

Combination of 2D and 3D

3D design is also evolving, and even becoming more popular. It brings more universal creative possibilities to designers. In 2022, everything suggests that mixing 3D with 2D is finally proving to be very effective.

Letter games

Twisted lettering typography also makes it onto the list of 2022 graphic design trends. They are among the best techniques to emphasize the message and better draw the attention of the audience to a specific element. To do this, the graphic designer :

  • Reverse some letters, leaving the rest of the word normal;
  • Uses a different or missing font for others ; 
  • Integrates different letter sizes in the same word or sentence;
  • etc.

Holographic design

Holograms are everywhere, whether in the stationery, shoe and bag design, product design, or in the design of websites, animations, applications, etc.

By combining multidimensional pastel reflections and brilliance, the holographic design offers us a revolutionary and high-tech visual.

Some holographic designs have the ability to show some kind of movement, even when the image is still. 

The use of glass and crystal

Currently, after gold, glass and crystal are the new leading materials because of their transparency.

The "daydream doodles”

Literally, the term “daydream doodles” means “dream doodles”. Its objective is to establish a link between the company and the consumer. These sketches are very varied. They can be presented in different forms: geometrical, abstract forms, doodles, characters, etc.

Le brutalisme et l’anti-design

As its name suggests, anti-design declines everything that concerns traditional design.  It is mostly turned to more original themes, including the overload of elements and asymmetry, using flashy colors. The anti-design is generally attached to the brutalism. The latter can sometimes evoke the 90s.

The use of various fonts

1 - Original and experimental fonts

Communication in the world is not only limited to letters. Digital also has the power to unify the world. In order to reach a higher artistic level, redesigned typography, in 2D or 3D, mixed with other styles or just by varying several colors in the same text, can convey a message.

2 - Serif fonts

Serif fonts give on futuristic, revolutionary, romantic, brutal and sometimes even bizarre aspects.

The grunge

For the record, grunge is a rather brutal music genre in the United States in the early 90s. By grunge, we mean rebel. The trend rebels against the standard and smoother graphics. It is characterized by spots, punk elements, shadows, less smooth textures, etc.

Risographic printing

In the past, risographic printing was used for office and administrative purposes. Then, designers and artists incorporated them into their masterpieces by creating posters, fascinating advertisements or abstract works. All this was done by mixing unique and vivid colors with slight printing imperfections such as rough textures, ink losses, some alignment problems, inconsistent colors.

The colorful minimalist design

This trend wants to make a marriage between traditional minimalism and a sophisticated and colorful design. Thus, color and creativity are invited in the visual identity of many brands that manage without hesitation to redefine the boundaries of elegant design.

The candy color trend

Consumers are always fascinated by new digital content, each more attractive than the last. As a result, designers have to create new art, new websites and new apps every time to stand out from the fog around them. 

Therefore, the visual appeal of digital media is just as important as the quality of the content in attracting the viewer’s attention. Therefore, bright and attractive colors are a great way to create an attention-grabbing design. That’s why in the last year, bright and bold candy-inspired graphics are flourishing on the web, as opposed to pastel colors, which have been very fashionable.

Art Deco

While candy colors, distressed aesthetics and psychedelic designs are making a comeback, one graphic trend stands out for its clean, powerful lines. 

 Art Deco , in contrast to Art Nouveau and older methods, emerged in the early twentieth century in a rational, geometric and elegant manner, and looks set to show graphic trends in the months to come. With a style focused on innovation and modernism, which favors robustness, dignity, calm and resilience. Not surprisingly, when a clear and powerful vision of the future is needed, it is reproduced in uncertain situations. Here, the designers use symmetry and geometry to create “simple” but beautiful works.

The "paper cutt”

The “paper cut” is also part of the traditional art that has found a way to digitalization. It is an art that meets our history and all cultures. 

Unlike collage, the design is cut out of a sheet of paper. But in the digital realm, graphic designers use two techniques, cutting and collage, to create beautiful pieces. As a result, paper cutting even interferes with the visual identity of some brands, including those used in business cards, brochures and product packaging. Today, this paper art is also used in greeting card design, books and, more recently, animation and web design.

The 3D mascot

3D characters are also a trend that influences not only the field of graphic design, applications, but also websites and animation. 

The 3D mascot is particularly well suited to 2D and holographic designs, and to the trend of bright colors.

Graphic design service

In short, these are the latest trends in graphic design that we have collected for you. Do you now have a clear vision of your future visual identity? In any case, our team is always ready to concretize all your ideas and boost your brand image!

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