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15 content ideas for social media

More than 5 million people are connected daily on social networks. This represents for a company a high potential of popularity growth and sales. 

It is important, if not vital, to carefully consider the strategy to apply when undertaking content marketing on social media. For this, the types of social media content and the different formats, as well as the platforms adapted to your audience play a crucial role in your success on web 3.0.

What are the types of social media posts?

There are a lot of formats that can be posted on social media, and they are as varied as the ideas you can have to interact with your audience. To help you understand the diversity of possibilities on social media, the following list will give you an idea of the formats you can publish on your profiles.

Article sharing

Conquering social networks, you will be able to publish the content of your website, your blog, or even the web content of your business partners.

This allows you to use social networks as a source of traffic to your website or that of your partners.


Increasingly popular with Internet users, audio content is convenient to listen to in any circumstance: while driving, during lunch break, etc. Podcasts are vehicles for ideas and educational content that can help solve your target audience’s problems and increase subscriber numbers.


Video is a format that is very appealing to algorithms because of its engagement potential. It drives a lot of engagement and helps brands stand out in the networks. Include more videos in your social media content calendar and your SEO will improve.


Photos and quotes in image format are still at the top of the most popular social media content. They tell a story, they educate, they entertain. Images remain a format that engages the audience.

Image series: GIF, carousel

What is better than one image? Multiple images! Platforms like Instagram allow you to post image carousels, where you can narrate interesting content or play guessing games to entertain your followers. As for GIFs, they are very effective when replying to comments or posting on Twitter.

Interactive content

Games and quizzes are all the rage on the internet. Why not include this format in your social media posts? The public likes to play and the more you promote interaction with Internet users, the better you attract them to your goal, which is sales.

Info and computer graphics

While this is not a format in its own right, but already a content idea, it’s important to highlight the information race in content marketing. No matter how it’s presented, sharing a quantifiable, proven fact adds expertise to the image you send out.


This type of format works in video mode, in podcast mode, in webinar mode… Publishing live broadcasts sends an image of authenticity and sincerity to Internet users. Logistically, live broadcasting is quite demanding, but once you understand how to install the right equipment and make the right settings, you should be able to excel at it. You’ll see, you’ll love it!


No matter what type of social network you choose, stories are content that make a small impact on the public. They are quick to consume and create a sense of urgency to close sales quickly.

How to adapt your content according to social media?

Most of the time, in social networks, the taste of each type of audience is different from one platform to another. Creating social media content requires knowing what content is most popular on your preferred channels. The fatal mistake to avoid is to publish the same content everywhere.


It is a network with high viral potential. Photos and short videos of 15 seconds are particularly appreciated, and this is enough to highlight your brand and gain recognition for your content.


Instagram is the network for short videos of all types. The real ones and the stories make the success of this platform. Internet users prefer videos in some second of tutorials and experiences.


The YouTube audience is looking for consistent and constructed content. Videos longer than 6 minutes are the most watched. Nevertheless, shorts are gaining more and more ground, but the issue remains the same: your videos must convey a substantive topic. Regular publication is the key to get favored by the algorithms.


None of the authentic content sharing social networks surpass Snapchat! The public expects short photos and videos taken by the phone’s camera. Brief content, with little editing possible… We’re not saying no to that!


It is a place where people come to find new ideas and inspiration. As long as the images render well, all kinds of content are appreciated on Pinterest. Time-lapse tutorials, for example, are prime content there.


Since the global containment series, TikTok has been gaining traction with short playful dances and videos. Videos under 15 seconds are definitely the best on TikTok!


With Twitter, you need to get to the point with short content and simple images. It’s the perfect place to interact in the comments with your audience by answering their questions or being a presence if they tag you.


This is the arena of the professionals! Any type of publication should be targeted to provide essential information and expert content. You can share articles here to interest your target audience of professional decision makers.

How to create engaging content for social media?

The most important thing when you communicate on social networks is to be able to federate your followers so that they become fans of your brand. To do this, the image you send back to the public depends on the power of attraction that your social media content contains. Here are 5 criteria that will make your brand irresistible.

The creation of diversified social media content

Diversification keeps your audience interested. If you post the same things over and over, people will get bored. Include all formats in your strategy to properly engage your community.


It is important to set up an editorial schedule to punctuate your presence on social networks. This will not only establish a routine in the lives of your followers, but it is highly appreciated by the algorithms.

Content authenticity

As you can see, Internet users are fond of content that reflects the identity of the brand and its image. The best way to win the hearts of Internet users is to present yourself without artifacts, with your values.

Quality over quantity

Always in an effort to connect with its followers, a brand that wants to stand out must publish content that the target audience can relate to. This is the best way to sell yourself on social networks!

The interaction

As soon as a post can help start a conversation between the brand and the users, it’s good content! Even if the reactions are not always what you expected, the more interaction there is, the more popular your brand becomes.

Top 15 content ideas for your social media

Now that we’ve covered the types of publications that do the trick on social networks, you need to put together a social network content strategy to vary the pleasures. Below, you will find content ideas that will bring you closer to your target and improve your brand image on social networks.

Interactive games: quizzes and contests

There’s nothing better than interactive content on social media. Create giveaways, ask questions about general knowledge or your brand, etc. to encourage interaction.

User-generated content

A high-potential content idea. Take the content your subscribers or customers have already posted on their own profile. Repost them on your wall. This shows that you are interested in what your customers are doing, you care about their opinions.


Probably for a reason of legitimacy of statements, Internet users love quotes! Inspiring and motivating, do not hesitate to publish them regularly. However, be careful to check the veracity of the author to avoid discrediting yourself.

Live stream

From time to time, take videos out of the blue to broadcast live (or after editing for that matter). You can reveal a part of the company’s life: “behind the scenes”, company values, team members…


Create a weekly or monthly appointment with your audience to share your expertise. Easy to listen to on the bus or during a lunch break, podcasts are content that creates engagement.

Blog posts

On LinkedIn, especially than other channels, article shares can propel your brand awareness. Be sure to keep your tone consistent with your image to stay consistent with your followers.


This is promotional content like white papers and other resource content. A simple broadcast via Zoom, or directly on YouTube via YouTube Studio, can be enough to deliver your expertise and answer the real questions and needs of your audience.

Client testimonials

Reviews and recommendations from customers are important to maintain your image. Post them on your own pages to show your interest and encourage positive feedback.

Questions from the public and questions to the public

In the same spirit, answer in a publication to a question that was asked by the public. You can even offer them a question and answer session to get organized. Conversely, also interact with your audience by asking them questions.


Demonstrate your expertise by creating guides and tutorials for your subscribers. Quick to consume, they give you reliability.

A playful social network publication: memes

Sometimes, to lighten the mood and ride the wave of viral content, memes are the most appropriate. Be careful to choose the themes according to the target audience.


If you are unsure about something and want to take your audience’s opinion into consideration, create surveys and ask what your subscribers think.

News and Events

Here, it is important to have a marketing calendar that will guide you on what type of themed content to cover at different times. If particular events have occurred, you can post reflections on them and ask your subscribers for feedback.

Collaborations, sharing of partners

Your partners also deserve to be highlighted from time to time. It’s just a matter of sharing their content or collaborating in the making of a post.


Launching a challenge or participating in larger scale challenges can increase your visibility by engaging your audience.

Social media management service

If you want to set up an effective social media strategy, call on our expertise as community managers. We accompany you from the preliminary market studies to the implementation and evaluation of the new social media content strategy.

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