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How to increase brand awareness on social media?

Any company that wants to see its turnover grow must be concerned about its reputation, its notoriety. Building a brand awareness on the internet starts with the creation of a brand image, around which the social media strategy to be applied will revolve. It is a long term work and requires meticulousness in more than one way.

Whatever the communication channels you choose to present your brand to the public, social media are assets to gain many interactions and therefore increase the chances of breaking through. Discover the essential points to know in order to be known on social networks.

What is awareness for a company?

The notoriety of a company can be defined as the popularity of its brand image with its target audience, and by extension with the public.

There are several levels of awareness that a company can reach in its journey. In ascending order, here are 4 levels of awareness that a brand reaches over time:

– Proven awareness; where the description of the brand to the public allows its identification

– Assisted awareness; when people recognize the brand when presented with a list

– Spontaneous awareness; when the public remembers the brand for a given field, without any prior suggestion

– Top-of-mind awareness; this is the top of the line: spontaneous awareness where the brand is the first thing that comes to people’s minds, and this, in broader situations

Naturally, building brand awareness starts with branding or creating a brand image. The goal is to make it easier to recognize the brand at every interaction.

What are the awareness objectives?

Before conducting a campaign to raise brand awareness and gain notoriety, companies must think about the objectives to be achieved. This will guide every decision so that actions are truly strategic. Whatever your aspirations, your goal on social networks must be measurable and achievable.

Basically, here are 3 concrete objectives that can help design an effective action plan:

– Objective 1: Brand awareness. Your main task is to attract as many people as possible to your social media profiles. One goal: to get people to notice your presence.

– Goal 2: Engagement. When you take action to increase brand awareness, you expect people to show interest in your content and expertise. Likes, comments and shares are the best indicators of this.

– Objective 3: Incentive to consume. You create prominent call-to-action buttons directly on your posts. One of the most effective methods is to link to the store or to Facebook Messenger for more products.

Before you begin, you need to understand where you are now in terms of awareness. Ask yourself the questions that allow you to analyze your situation and define even more precise objectives.

Why is social media good for spreading awareness?

Each objective, short or long term, is a lever to gain subscribers, then bring leads to make a purchase. Working on your notoriety therefore means optimizing your sales. Moreover, there are many ways to promote your corporate image and work on your image. So why is it so important to have notoriety on social media? The answers right away.

Social media captivate one third of Internet users

According to a study conducted by Hootsuite more than 4 million active users are on social media. Last year alone, the number of users increased by 10.1%. In addition, one third of the time spent by internet users worldwide is spent on social networks.

Boosting brand awareness on social media can therefore increase the chances of reaching a wider and more interactive audience. If your visuals are well-thought-out, and you properly optimize your profiles and posts, you will discover exponential growth in your brand awareness.

The customer journey is shortened via social media

In this day and age, the ultimate interaction platforms are social media! If you want to move quickly from awareness to converting your leads into customers, your chances of doing so are multiplied by social media.

Optimize your results with the right integrations, such as the direct buy option or the quick redirect to your landing page. Combine this with an eye-catching visual and captivating buttons to get the perfect post.

You reach a maximum audience in a short time

On social networks, information is transmitted more quickly than on other types of media. Have you ever come across a buzz? A clear improvement of one’s notoriety with social networks can be due to content that has gone viral.

You have every chance of creating one by choosing seriously:

– The right visuals, in line with your brand image

– The right words, including the most relevant hashtags

– The most captivating call-to-action buttons

– The most relevant links according to the regular editorial line

You should also consider optimizing your social platforms, your profiles in the same way as your publications, so that people can better find you simply.

How to measure popularity on social media?

There are several very technical indicators that allow you to measure popularity on social networks. Depending on your goals, you can monitor the following metrics to track the progress of your campaigns, or simply to see where you stand in terms of brand awareness.

Measure your popularity through surveys

You can submit surveys to the public to find out if your brand is known. This is a good way to find out how well known your brand is among Internet users. In a survey, you can find out at what stage your brand has developed its awareness. We have already mentioned above the types of awareness you can achieve:

– Proven awareness: describe your brand and let the individual guess what it is,

– Assisted awareness: draw up a list of brands, including your own, and ask the individual to tick the brands they know,

– Spontaneous awareness: ask the individual which brands they know best in your field to see if yours appears in their answers,

– Top-of-mind awareness: ask the individual which brands they are most familiar with in various sectors to see if yours appears in their answers.

Be aware that a simple online form can do the trick with basic Internet skills. However, with this process, be careful not to bias the results by publishing the survey in your name. Also, during your surveys, take the necessary steps to secure the personal data of your respondents.

Monitor metrics with digital marketing tools

Another way to make an effective quantitative assessment is to consult the metrics provided by the social media marketing tool you are using or a brand-new application.

Here are the awareness KPIs you can monitor:

– The volume of mentions of your brand on social networks: you collect the number of times people mention your brand name.

– The reach of your publications: it designates the number of Internet users reached by your publications. The higher it is, the better it is for your future sales.

– Sentiment score: a qualitative data which allows you to know if your audience perceives you in a positive, negative or rather neutral way.

– The volume of searches for the brand on Google.

3 tips to increase brand awareness on social media

When creating your strategy to gain awareness on social media, you need to consider the parameters that make a brand noticed by the public. The principles of visibility and awareness remain essentially the same whether it is on social networks or outside the internet. Here are some tips to develop your image on social networks.

Focus on the visual

As soon as you design your social media profiles, you should think of the visuals as a major asset. Indeed, everything that follows will depend on that. Also:

– The colours and typography must be in harmony with the graphic charter

– Photos and images must be of good quality

– Sharing photos with prominent faces is very appealing to the algorithms

– Do not hesitate to publish videos to gain visibility on any search engine

Publish useful and informative content

According to a New York Times survey, we know that informative and entertaining content is popular on social media. Sharing information on the following topics will greatly help you:

– Solutions and prevention of common problems

– Relationship advice

– Motivational

– Personal development

Engage your subscribers and customers

In many ways, you can engage your audience by showing that you care. You will gain a higher level of trust with the audience.

– Publish the people who use your products (this is even more effective than influencer marketing sometimes!)

– Create content in response to user feedback

– Customize your posts to include your followers’ sentiments

– Organize contests on your social networks, especially on the most used social networks

Social media management services

Finding a reliable agency that can handle social media requires vigilance since it is your brand’s online reputation that is at stake, and therefore your future sales. This will have a major impact on your sales and the health of your business. You need a community manager to show that your brand is present on social media and access to professional and serious social network management services. Entrust your social media management to our community management agency to achieve your goals with peace of mind.

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