11 Social media trends in 2023

The current year is almost over, and it is important for companies working on their image on the Internet to know the social media trends of 2023, in order to prepare and build a winning social media strategy. The predictions and the reality of social media this year have shown that the public is looking for a more personalized content, a concept closer to the community. For the coming year, trends are obviously emerging. However, they should be taken with a grain of salt, given the unpredictable changes with the emergence of new social media and the instability of some old platforms.

1. More room for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been exceptionally successful for brands over the past year. With this, advertising rates have exploded. This has caused the big brands to withdraw from this type of marketing. However, a new opportunity is now presenting itself to smaller brands that want to make room for themselves, given the fact that influencers will become more accessible.

This year we have seen the emergence of so-called “micro-influencers” who are gaining ground in this area, as brands prioritize the quality of the community over the quantity of the audience reached. Looking ahead to the new year, influencer marketing is moving more in that direction.

2. The explosion of social commerce

This aspect of social networks takes the form of a two-way graph. In one direction, in Asia, especially in China, social commerce is set to take off with over 14% of the market. While in the other direction, in western countries like the US, we see a decline in the trend of social commerce.

In addition, just under half of social media users in both Asia and the West admit to having made a social purchase this year, and 73% of brands have already resorted to this practice. This makes it possible to estimate in the 2023 social media trends that social commerce will indeed be present, and even growing, in consumers’ daily lives.

3. Customer service on social media

Social networks like WhatsApp and Facebook are now equipped to allow businesses to offer instant private interaction with their audience. Integrations that make even new social media conducive for instant communication with brands increase the chances of customers going through these channels more often.

On the other hand, you should not ignore the opportunity offered by this interaction channel to turn prospects into customers quickly.

4. Customer Experience Assessment

In addition to working more and more frequently with micro-influencers, brands are now on their way to honoring their customers in their social media advertising campaigns. The term for this practice is “user generated content”. This is when brands include content provided by users of their products in their publishing schedules.

This is part of the social trends, especially for big brands, which are gradually moving away from the big influencers to get closer to their customers.

5. Towards integrated search engines

A recent study by Google found that users are doing more and more searches on social networks than in conventional search engines such as Google, Bing or others.

This phenomenon can be attributed to societal trends of urgency, when Internet users like to get the most complete information and take action as quickly as possible.

6. The evolution of video in digital strategy

As the past year has already initiated, video will continue to gain ground according to the Social Media Trends 2023 estimate. While video platforms like YouTube still favor long, informative content, other networks are valued for their short, quick-to-consume video content.

In this perspective of providing video content to Internet users, we must take into account 3 important points:

– Snack content, which serves as an introduction to other types of video content, is widely used to entice viewers to watch more content.

– Personalized videos are in high demand by consumers.

– TikTok will continue to build on its momentum to captivate even more users and enable businesses to be more profitable.

– Important information: Vidyard said in a study that more than 90% of brands gain new customers through videos and that half of their audience prefers short videos (under a minute) over longer videos.

7. Healthier social media trends

Social media is an easy place to get lost, engulfed in tons of information. 82% of internet users want to make brands responsible for thinking about aspects of business that are often neglected: well-being and the environment.

According to this figure, brands’ commitment to protecting people’s health and saving the planet is more expected than ever in the coming year.

8. A valuation of reality

The public’s desire to have a brand that is as close as possible is increasingly felt on the internet in general, and even more so on social media. Now, content that reveals the authenticity of the authors touches people’s hearts better and sells better.

The great success of live video is a perfect example of this demand for authenticity. The greatest advantage of this type of content is the creation of proximity with users. In addition, we say goodbye to perfect content to make room for the imperfections that make brands so charming. In short, providing personalized and authentic content can propel a small business to the top of popularity.

9. Advertisements as an engine

It must be recognized that during this year, advertising on social media has seduced a large number of brands, to the tune of 173 billion dollars. This represents a growth of more than 20% compared to the previous year. These figures alone are enough to predict an even more obvious increase in the use of ads in communities.

After all, according to a publication by Statista, more than 3.5 billion people are regularly present on Web 3.0. Why not take advantage of this and expand your audience?

10. Augmented Reality holds promise

As we have already mentioned, Internet users are fond of personalized adventures and proximity. Virtual reality and augmented reality are definitely an answer more or less adapted to this user preference.

The virtual reality race has only just begun in 2022. After Meta, which is redoubling its efforts to deploy its Metaverse as soon as possible, Tencent, the Chinese giant, and Microsoft, the American big tech, are also getting involved and will soon present a version of their AR universe. In any case, everything points to an exponential growth of this social media format in 2023.

11. More responsible consumption

Given the social media trends of 2023, we know that next year is a continuation of what has already happened this year. The big brands are gradually putting the brakes on the big influencers in favour of decentralised social networks, where they target the smallest engaged communities. This also highlights the fact that perfection is no longer the watchword in terms of advertising and content.

Internet users are more demanding of sustainable consumption and are letting it be known, eMarketer published a social report according to which 28% of the active population announces to translate their commitment to sustainability and climate change in their purchasing behavior. Brands are well aware of this and are making sure to use predictive analytics to anticipate their audience’s needs and improve their offerings accordingly.

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