How to create a digital marketing strategy in 2024?

It’s time to know how to create an effective digital marketing strategy, if you’re looking to be more profitable this year. Nowadays, digital marketing is in a state of flux. Today’s businesses should be aware of web trends and news…

How to create a content marketing strategy?


An effective content marketing strategy can be a valuable asset for any business. But what is a content strategy? How do you create it, and how do you analyze it to ensure its effectiveness? In this article, we will answer…

What mobile marketing strategy should you use?


Our smartphones are much more than just communication devices. They have become our indispensable companions, our portals to the digital world, our personal assistants and our shopping guides. For businesses, smartphones have also become an invaluable gateway for reaching customers,…

Focus on the development of M-commerce


A major transformation in e-commerce is taking shape before our very eyes: the meteoric rise of M-commerce, or mobile commerce. With consumers increasingly connected to their smartphones and tablets, M-commerce is gaining in importance at breakneck speed, radically changing the…

What are Featured Snippets in SEO?


The world of SEO is constantly evolving, with new techniques and strategies being developed to help websites rank higher in search results. One of these recent developments is the concept of “featured snippets”. So, what is a Featured Snippet, and…

How to use ChatGPT in SEO?


SEO remains the most reliable marketing method known on the internet. Although it is necessary to recognize the exploitable platforms in terms of digital marketing, using natural referencing within the framework of an inbound marketing strategy is among the best…

15 content ideas for social media

Idées de contenu réseaux sociaux

More than 5 million people are connected daily on social networks. This represents for a company a high potential of popularity growth and sales.  It is important, if not vital, to carefully consider the strategy to apply when undertaking content…

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